Innovation Authority of Israel (IAI)

“The large-scale deployment of Autonomous Vehicles presents a tectonic shift in modern transportation and mobility. A myriad of autonomous vehicles use cases - robotaxis, shuttles, delivery robots, trucks and more - are in the process of being deployed all over the world. Tele-operation is a critical component in these deployments, as recognized by various regulators and the industry. The Israeli Andromeda Consortium – funded by the Israel Innovation Authority - is a multi-disciplinary consortium developing the technological infrastructure needed for the tele-operation of large-scale autonomous vehicle fleets. The key objective of the consortium is to extend the ratio between a remote human operator and the number of controlled vehicles/robots by a thousand-fold and more compared to the industry's present status. This is made possible by taking a holistic approach towards the main challenges of tele-operation, including: low latency, high quality video and data transmission, human-machine interfaces, security, interoperability, and scalability”. Dror Bin, CEO Israel Innovation Authority
Dror Bin, CEO
Israel Innovation Authority


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