Our Solution

Andromeda – An end-to-end solution for Teleoperation of AV fleets

The ecosystem of remote management and operation for autonomous vehicles includes three main components:

  1. The autonomous vehicles / robots
  2. The cloud/edge network component that manages and monitors the autonomous vehicles and autonomous robots
  3. The remote teleoperations centers

Andromeda’s solution includes three main functional categories which incorporate the following functionality:

  1. Standard APIs – definition and implementation of generic APIs
    A. Device API – generic API between autonomous vehicles (AV) and the Command & Control (C4I) and Teleoperations centers
    B. 3rd party API – generic API between the various Control and Teleoperation components and 3rd party applications (e.g. billing, auditing, law enforcement, etc.)

  2. Multitenant Control and Management – contains the business logic for monitoring and managing fleet of autonomous vehicles. Most of the functions in this category will be activated regardless of any human intervention/control. The multitenancy capability enables the solution to support multiple service providers and AV fleets by the same platform.

  3. Remote operation/teleoperations – contains all the functionality allowing a remote human operator to control a fleet of AV. The functionality provided by this category will mostly reside in the remote operations/Teleoperations’ centers.

Andromeda Innovation - Increasing Teleop ratio to 1: 1000 and above

In order to meet the consortium goal, we have split he challenge onto smaller targets, which combined together will enable to meet the 1000X goal:


Significant achievements expected:

  • Open interfaces + OPEN-SOURCE code for Teleoperation and autonomous fleet management
  • Generic and open architecture for teleoperation and autonomous fleet management
  • A live end-to-end demonstration of remote operations in heterogynous environment (i.e. multiple operators, multiple robot types)
  • Simulation platform of teleoperation and autonomous fleet management
  • Recommendations for regulation and commercial entities
  • First implementation of Andromeda technologies in commercial products


  • System Spec
  • System architecture
  • AV API
  • Teleop API
  • 3rd Party API
  • Teleoperation HMI research
  • Research: AI in communication system


Consortium Work Groups
In order to build the technologies supporting our goal, the Andromeda activities are organized into four major work groups, which are responsible for:

Work Group 1 – Use cases and demonstrations
Work Group 2 – End to end architecture, interfaces and data flow
Work Group 3 – Command and control,
Work Group 4 – Teleoperation technologies


Andromeda solution can have the following economic impact on the AV market:

  • Andromeda’s standard and open approach for Teleoperation can be a technology enabler for the autonomous vehicles market. It can increase the public confidence in the autonomous vehicle technology and subsequently accelerate the AV adoption.

  • The Andromeda solution will reduce the operational cost associated with the remote operations (by reducing the number of autonomous vehicles to remote operator ratio) and increase the economic viability of the different business models (e.g. AV shuttles, robotaxi fleets).

  • The openness and the 3rd party API provided by the Andromeda solution can spur innovation and enable variety of service providers to offer new services and enter the AV market in a way that was not possible before.
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