Bar-Ilan University - Sarit Kraus Lab

About Sarit Kraus, Bar-Ilan University

Sarit Kraus (Ph.D. Computer Science, Hebrew University, 1989) is a Professor of Computer Science at Bar-Ilan University. Her research is focused on intelligent agents and multi-agent systems integrating machine-learning techniques with optimization and game theory methods. In particular, she studies the development of intelligent agents that can interact proficiently with people and with robots. She has also contributed to the research on machine learning, agent optimization, autonomous vehicles, homeland security, adversarial patrolling, social networks and nonmonotonic reasoning.
For her work she received many prestigious awards. She was awarded the IJCAI Computers and Thought Award, the ACM SIGART Agents Research award, the ACM Athena Lecturer and the EMET. She is an ACM, AAAI and ECCAI fellow and a recipient of the advanced ERC grant. She is an elected member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Member's Teleoperation vision

It is well established in the multi-robot literature that it is very challenging for operators to manage a set of autonomous vehicles. We propose that intelligent computerized agents will support (and possibly, replace) the operators in their activities. These agents will contribute to the reduction of the operators-vehicles ratio. To develop such agents, we propose to combine machine learning algorithms and optimization method. The deployment of the machine learning methods heavily depend on collecting data of human tele-operating vehicles.

Member's activity within the consortium

The goal of the BIU’s project is to develop intelligent agents and algorithms that will support operators in tele operating a large set of autonomous vehicles. We study three tasks: (1) Algorithms for allocation of events to human tele-operators. (2) The development of computer agent that will assist and support an operator in his or her activities (Assisting and Supporting the Operator (ASO) agent; and (3) An intelligent vehicle agent that will replace the human operator in some of his activities (Automated Operator (AO) agent.


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