mPrest Systems

About mPrest Systems

mPrest is a global vendor of real-time and mission-critical orchestration and optimization software. Our unparalleled expertise is built on decades of experience developing some of the world’s most sophisticated and efficient command, control and analytics defense applications ever deployed – including the life-saving Iron Dome software.
mPrest has harnessed this expertise for the development of advanced industrial IoT applications across a wide range of markets, verticals and geographies, including energy and smart cities, oil & gas, connected vehicles, water, and other industry 4.0 applications.
mPrest is empowering digital transformation with its world-leading orchestration and optimization platform, bringing rapid AI and IoT capabilities to variety markets.

Member's Teleoperation vision

The autonomous vehicle market is very diverse, there will be different types of machines, manufacturers, service providers and assisting operators, who will operate in an open heterogeneous environment. This requires a generic management solution for autonomous fleets. The solution should simultaneously control a large number of vehicles operated by different Teleoperation-service providers in an expandable and cost-effective manner.
The solution should be able to leverage the data received from vehicles subscribed to the service and from external sources (road infrastructure, cities and communities, emergency and security authorities), build a situational assessment, and share the information in real time between fleets and remote operator stations to allow ​efficient traffic flow. It must provide a generic and scalable platform that can be linked to external teleoperation providers and vehicle fleet managers. The solution must be transparent and open, to comply with regulatory rules and flexible for the adoption of standards and regulations in the field.

Member's activity within the consortium

As a partner of Andromeda consortium, mPrest will lead the development of the command and control platform for diverse fleets. Developing advanced algorithms to streamline basic processes, from correct detection of intervention situations, through situational awareness and sharing fleet information, to effective teleoperation assistance. The command and control center will be responsible for monitoring and managing autonomous robot fleets, will provide technology for forecasting and handling events that require remote control (human or AI-based) while streamlining resources. The company leverages its experience in the areas of control and monitoring and software development as a service (SaaS) and deploy the infrastructure of the Andromeda cloud that provides teleoperation as a service (TaaS).


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