University of Haifa - Dan Feldman Lab

About Dan Feldman, University of Haifa

The Robotics and Big Data (RBD) Laboratories established in 2014 by Prof. Dan Feldman.
It has two branches: in Carmel and the downtown of Haifa.

Our group leads the field of data reduction (summarization) algorithms, known as Core-sets.
Unlike many other techniques, these algorithms have provable guarantees for their approximations and running times and are based on novel techniques in computational geometry.
The applications are usually in AI, robotics (mainly nano-drones and cars), machine/deep learning, computer vision, security (crypto), text and image analysis. Our papers appear in top conferences of this variety of fields.
Each research is usually based on deep mathematical theories, but also includes experimental results, benchmarks, and real-world systems.

Member's Teleoperation vision

Maintaining 3D “visual world map” in real-time simultaneously from millions of cars around the world.

Member's activity within the consortium

3D world map for the robots of RGO.


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