Cognata LTD.

About Cognata LTD.

Cognata is a leading global supplier of large-scale automotive simulation for the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle markets. Working with leading automotive technology companies around the world, Cognata’s end to end Autonomous Robotics Simulation Platform accelerates time to market by delivering simulation solutions for the entire automated driving product lifecycle, multiple use-cases areas and digital twins environments.
Time, cost, and safety make physical testing an impossible standalone solution. Simulation is an essential complement. Our commercially deployed solution provides ADAS and autonomous vehicle developers a platform of unparalleled realism and scale for training and testing their automated driving technology over billions of virtual miles and custom scenarios safely and at a fraction of the time and cost of physical testing.

Member's Teleoperation vision

Cognata’s vision is that Teleoperation would become an integral element for public deployment of autonomous driving, and simulations would be a key enabling element in making it a reality.
Testing teleoperation solutions has become a chicken & egg issue – how can we validate teleoperation systems while having autonomous vehicles use them, when they first need to pass those validation tests?
And as such it would need an extensive validation process that will use simulations targeted for teleoperation needs, including direct control by a remote driver as well as high-level guiding to vehicles under trouble.

Member's activity within the consortium

Among its roles, Cognata will develop and provide to the consortium a framework for simulation of vehicles for the development and validation of Teleoperation systems, in various scenarios including edge and stressed conditions. The framework will contain a simulation platform for producing data for training and validation, and for the demonstration of various systems developed by the partners in the consortium.


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