Aims & Objectives

Enabling the Autonomous Vehicles Revolution
Various autonomous robots will soon be moving around humans (AVs, robo-taxis, delivery-bots, robo-trucks, drones, flying taxis, etc..). This will create several challenges that need to be addressed:

  • What happens when the AI component fails? Needs a human decision?
  • How can we avoid total chaos when there are hundreds-thousands and millions of such robots around us from different manufacturers operated by different service providers?
  • How can a remote human operator control a fleet / swarm of AV robots in the most effective way?

In view of current state of the art of AV technology, regulators around the world and leading technology companies understand that Autonomous Vehicles Cannot be Deployed without Teleoperation – a remote human assistance to resolve Autonomous machine problems & challenges.

The Andromeda consortium was established to address these challenges. The Andromeda consortium aims to develop an innovative infrastructure for effectively managing and tele-operating heterogynous autonomous robot fleets in real time. The consortium will focus on quality, scalability and interoperability, and intend to influence international standardization.

Our Goal: 1000x

Teleoperation technology enables today for a single remote operator to manage a single Autonomous Vehicle. This is clearly not scalable nor practical solution. When tens of millions of automounts robots and vehicles move around us, we will not be able to deploy tens of millions of human operators and pay their wages. In order to enable a viable Teleoperation solution, we must build a technology that will enable a single human operator to operate at lest 1000s AVs or robots.

This target will enable to manage the autonomous vehicle fleets of an entire metropolis with only dozens of remote human operators assisted with sophisticated AI systems.

Our goal: Remote operator to number of AVs ratio – 1: 1000 at 99.999% Service Level


Remote assistance and Teleoperations of fleet of autonomous vehicles incorporate technological and design challenges that span across a verity of domain areas, from limitations of the communication infrastructure, safety issues, human control limitations to scalability and interoperability. The following diagram captures the main challenges.

Challenges in Teleoperation & management of robotic fleets

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