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robotic fleets

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About Andromeda Consortium

Enabling the Autonomous Vehicles Revolution

The Andromeda consortium was established to address the challenges of using autonomous fleets. The Andromeda consortium aims to develop an innovative infrastructure for effectively managing and tele-operating heterogynous autonomous robot fleets in real time. The consortium will focus on quality, scalability and interoperability, and intend to influence international standardization.

Our Solution

Andromeda – An end-to-end solution for Teleoperation of AV fleets

The ecosystem of remote management and operation for autonomous vehicles includes three main components:

  1. The autonomous vehicles / robots
  2. The cloud/edge network component that manages and monitors the autonomous vehicles and autonomous robots
  3. The remote teleoperations centers

Consortium Members

The consortium includes distinguished partners from leading companies and Academia

Partners & Observers

“The Israeli Andromeda Consortium – funded by the Israel Innovation Authority – is a multi-disciplinary consortium developing the technological infrastructure needed for the tele-operation of large-scale autonomous vehicle fleets. The key objective of the consortium is to extend the ratio between a remote human operator and the number of controlled vehicles/robots by a thousand-fold and more compared to the industry’s present status. This is made possible by taking a holistic approach towards the main challenges of tele-operation, including: low latency, high quality video and data transmission, human-machine interfaces, security, interoperability, and scalability”

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